Signature Bricks and the Environment

The people who work for Signature Bricks have a strong consideration for the environment. Signature Bricks has worked with the Carbon Trust to help to assess and reduce its carbon footprint, we are fully committed to reducing carbon emissions wherever possible and realises that this commitment is also important to its customers.

We use biodegradable carrier bags which - due to their light weight - have a smaller carbon footprint than an equivalent sized paper bag. These bags will also degrade in landfills when buried in soil, when inadvertently disposed of as litter, or in compost facilities, therefore saving valuable land fill space. Both cardboard and plastic waste from the Signature Bricks warehouse packaging and logistics operations are compressed and recycled or reused.

We are working with suppliers to develop low carbon products using new technology, including paper products from recycled paper or sustainable forests. We also require that all suppliers comply with the code of ethical trading (The Ethical Trading Initiative Base Code) and continues to monitor these standards on a regular basis.

Why recycle?
Many Plastic items can be repaired or recycled, saving natural resources and the environment. If you do not, the plastic will end up in landfill where it is hazardous and cause soil and water contamination – harming wildlife and also human health.

How are we helping?
We usually use old and used cardboard packaging to keep our postage cost low and help save the environment and reduce our waste. We also use recycled newspapers and also used bubble wrap to protect products and use as packaging filling when shipping.
We have started a new service where customer can recycle/donate their old LEGO to us where we will pay £5 for each Kilogram (Kg) that is sent, you can donate the money to charity. Also if you have any rare LEGO sets, or rare items you would like to sell to us, please contact us and we can discuss a deal.