LEGO 71010 Series 14 Collectible Minifigures - Spectre


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'Boo! Did I scare ya?' The spooky Spectre really enjoys being a ghost. He delights in being able to fly right through walls, and gets a real kick (even if he doesn’t have any legs) out of lowering the temperature in a room just by hanging out there invisibly for a few minutes. His favorite pastime is to suddenly appear behind an unsuspecting Minifigure and loudly rattle his chain. The higher they jump, the better! Yes, the Spectre is a real prankster, but it’s all in the name of laughs for this fun-loving phantasm. And he doesn’t mind being pranked in turn, either. One time, the other monsters got together and called a team of ghost hunters from the big city to chase him around for a while. He’s still laughing about that one!


Additional Information

MPN 71010
Condition New
Brand LEGO
Type Minifigure
Set ID 71010

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